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MMA Fitness

Forget working out “one body part at a time.” With MMA you work your whole body, every time.

Combine that with our "sneaky" nutrition secrets, and that's how you get a rock-solid, toned, and muscular body.*

Oh - and you'll have the stamina of a horse too.

Don't believe me? Try our program risk-free and see for yourself. You'll feel results after just day 1 – and can start actually seeing your body change just a few days later.*

“Holy crap this is fun!”

Man, there's just something so awesome about this training. It's like there's this side of me that I just can't let out anywhere else, but every class my most primal, animalistic side gets to shine. And it feels friggin good, let me tell you.

MMA Fighter

I mean we all have some aggression in us, right? Where else do you get to beat up on punching bags and just let it all out? And not only that - but have a ton of fun too.

Oh, and I've never once been injured. And I've never once been afraid of getting beat up or anything like that. No one's about hurting each other here. Everyone's about having a good time, getting in great shape, and learning some kick ass techniques.

- Ryan McGuire

“To be honest, I was a bit...
scared... at first”

I'm man enough to admit that when I first signed up for this MMA class, I was a bit scared. I know, I know, us guys are supposed to be able to look a lion in the eyes and not feel a drop of fear - but I think we all know that's a bunch of crap.

MMA Fighter

What I'm getting at is, at first I was scared. As soon as I showed up at my first class, that all went away. The environment is just so supportive that I don't know how you could be intimidated. I thought a lot about getting hurt too... They make it so safe that you could honestly be at any level of physique and do just fine.

Anyways, thanks for the incredible training, and the incredible workouts. I've loved every second.

- Zishan R.

Amazing Fat Loss

Guys who show up for MMA with a bit of extra fat are amazed at how quickly it can turn into muscle. And not only that, it's the kind of muscle you can really see.

Your arms get big and toned, your calves make women salivate, and your ripped abs make other guys jealous.* Trust me, I know. That's me in the picture there!

MMA training seems to burn more fat off of you every time you come in - and here's why...

Every single time you train - your entire body gets a ridiculously powerful workout. The “myth” out there is that you should work out different sections of your body on different days. The thing is... that's only true for lifting heavy weights.

For cardio - you want a good workout for your whole body, because that's what really kicks your metabolism into hyper-drive. Also, we'll give you some powerful nutrition secrets that seal the deal. And I'm not even talking about a diet. Not even close. Just a few changes here and there.

*DISCLAIMER: These results Not Typical. Individual Results May Vary.
Diet and Regular Exercise required for dramatic weight loss results.

So What Exactly Is MMA Anyway?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training

MMA is the "melting pot" of martial arts. And just like our lovely State - you get some flavors from all over the world.

You get the grappling of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu... You get the striking of Thailand's Muay Thai... You get the throwing and submission techniques of Judo from Japan... And good ole wrestling tactics born right here in America...

It's what happens when someone seeks the perfect form of martial arts. Because whether you're on your feet, tangled up with someone else, or even on your back - you'll know exactly what to do. It's flawless defense, and vicious offense.

With that said, here's a few things MMA is NOT.

For one, it's not “dirty” fighting. It's clean, and it's safe.

Second, it's not showing up at the gym to get your ass kicked every day. You're going to be partnered up with people of your level, so you can learn and grow. And you can go at whatever pace is comfortable for you.

It doesn't even have to be competitive. Some guys come train because they want to fight in competitions - but you don't have to. You can just spar for a great workout. We have a good mix of both.

And it's not one of these "tough guy" competitions where everyone's trying to out-do each other - and if you can't take more pain than is humanly possible then you're a "wuss". A mindset like that just leads to injury - and it makes training NOT fun. And we're all about fun here. That's why here the environment isn't competitive - it's supportive, encouraging.

All in all, MMA is a fun way for guys to get in great shape, learn how to defend themselves, and form a bond with his fellow man as they train hand in hand to become not just better athletes - but better people. At least that's how we feel about it. Not every gym would agree, but that's what makes us different.

I Give This MMA Training Program
My Seal Of Approval

MMA Training Program Chart Physician Approved

As a doctor, I know better than anyone
that all exercise presents a risk of
         injury - from basketball to walking
           down the street. And MMA is no

           But I can tell you this... After
          seeing the program these guys
          have put together - I absolutely
                   give it my seal of approval.
                    If you have high blood
                    pressure, or any other
                      health conditions - talk to
                       your doctor first. These
                         guys have got it right.
                          They make it
                          extremely safe.

                            - Dr. Raul Estevez M.D.                                  Physical Medicine
                                             & Rehabilitation

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not too athletically coordinated. Can I still do this program?

Being athletically coordinated is just like everything else in life - it's a skill that takes practice. By joining this program - you'll become extremely athletic and extremely well-coordinated.

Nothing out there gets you more limber, loose, and in incredible athletic shape than MMA training. Simply put, nothing else makes your body move in so many unique ways. So if you're not coordinated now, don't worry. After a few sessions you'll be nicely surprised at how your body has changed.

What are my chances of injury?

Because we place a ton of importance on flawless technique - this dramatically reduces your chances of injury. Most injuries come from improper technique, not warming up your muscles before getting started, and not stretching. Well, guess what? We make sure you get all three of those in. On top of our supportive environment, and passionate coaches who walk you through every step of the way, that's why our injury rate is so low.

After years of doing this - we hardly ever see any injuries. It's the closest thing to 100% safe as you'll get with MMA training.

Am I too old for this training?

No, no, no! We've trained guys as young as their teens, to guys in their 60's and older. If you have the determination, then that's all you need. Show up with your willing attitude, and we'll make sure you get the best workout of your life, perfectly execute the techniques, and have a TON of fun too.

It seems violent... Will I have fun?

No one here shows up with the intention of hurting anyone. Everyone wants to have a safe, fun time and is extremely supportive, and just wants to see you do your best.

So to answer your question - yes! You'll have a blast! This is the funnest thing on earth. It's more of a rush than skydiving (trust me, I've done it) and funner than basketball, soccer, or any other sport (yep, I've done those too. They don't even come close)!important

MMA might be violent - but it's far from "hostile". It's about comradery and accomplishment - not competition and hurting one another.


“Blows away the Gym”

I got so sick and tired of the was always crowded and I think that waiting 15 minutes for each piece of equipment is just ridiculous. So I decided to check out this MMA class.

I wasn't really sure that it was going to be for me. I love the burn I get from weights and wasn't sure that I was going to get a good workout.

But he day after my first class, my muscles were screaming at me even louder than when I would hit the weights hard at the gym.

On top of that, there's never a wait and the class is always filled with cool people. It's way more fun then I ever expected. Besides, I get a much better workout here than I ever got at the gym.

MMA Fighter

- Taylor M


“A rare gem. This place is
nothing like other MMA gyms.”

A lot of MMA gyms are just over the top. I mean, you just don't feel safe there.

This place is totally different. I don't know if I've ever met more supportive and friendly people in my life.

There's also a big sense of comradery here. Everyone is all about helping each other out, and motivating each other. If you're feeling like you want to slow down, or if you're not giving it your all (which, hey, after a long day of work is sometimes tough), someone will give you some words that pump you up.

MMA Fighter

I've made friends with a lot of people here too. They're a big part of the reason I keep coming back.

Thanks for everything.

- John Cippatelli

I didn't think a guy my age could handle it. But they make the
    workouts perfect for my level.

MMA Fighter

I'm in my 40s, but for some reason I was really intrigued by MMA training. But I thought, 'There's no way I can do that. That's for guys in their 20s!"

My wife convinced me to at least give it a shot. I'm so glad I did.

Maybe I don't have the stamina of some of the other guys out there - but that's never once stopped me from showing up, having a blast, and giving it everything I've got.

Age has nothing to do with it. They'll make sure you have a good time no matter what.

- Manny Nunez

We Challenge You!

If you show up to our gym, and DON'T have a ton of fun... DON'T get a great workout... DON'T make a ton of friends...and DON'T learn techniques of different forms of martial arts from all over the globe...

Then we'll gladly give you all of your money back, no questions asked.

And in fact, this doesn't just apply to your first session. It applies to every session you ever take with us. That's just how confident we are in this program. And after training literally hundreds of students, 99% of which haven't had as much as a small complaint, we feel our confidence is justified.

9 out of 10 guys who walk through our doors fall in love with this program as soon as they arrive. And the more they do it - the more they love it. 1 out of 10 don't, but hey, we can't please everyone, right? That's why if you're that 1 out of 10, we'll gladly give you your money back without a single hassle or anything. It just means we're not the right fit - and you can find a program that is the right fit for you.

So, do you accept our challenge? If so, just enter your name and e-mail below.
You won't regret it.

Arm Wrestling

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...PLUS MMA Conditioning, Nutrition and Technique Videos!

*We hate spammers and hope they get choked out and put to sleep! We value your privacy and will never share your information with anyone, ever!

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